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App and online dating, just like dating as a whole, is a strategy. That being said, just because you’re following the steps, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will automatically and instantly have success. There are many reasons why they aren’t getting back to you. And most of those reasons have absolutely nothing to do with you. So my #1 piece of online dating advice is DON’T PERSONALIZE how people respond or don’t respond to you. That being said, it’s your job to create your best written depiction of yourself in an extremely few amount of words- especially when it comes to dating apps. Online gives you an opportunity to elaborate- which you definitely should do.

 This Worksheet will give you examples of actual online and app dating profiles, as well as direction as to what photos to include, what NOT to include, what you MUST include, and how to start the conversation...

Create a Sticky App AND Online Dating Profile

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