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"Man Whisperer" Podcast

A Man Whisperer is someone who knows the secrets of Communication, Magnetism, and Attraction. 

More than having Impact, s/he leave an Imprint that makes others want More. 

Hello! I’m your Man Whisperer, Laurel House. I, along with my co-host, the yin to my yang and the voice of calm- Robert Mack, discuss, debate, and come up with answers and actionable advice for all of your dating, love, relationship, sex, confidence, pick-up, breakup, heartbreak questions. 



But Beware… Nothing is off limits. Which means that some graphic language might be used.

Man Whisperer is demystifying dating, by translating, decoding, revealing, and exposing the secret language, thoughts, feelings, and intentions of men and women.

Dating shouldn’t be so confusing! It’s not a game. It’s a strategy… that’s based on communication, creates clarity, and gives you confidence so that you can be authentically vulnerable and find real love… finally!

Listen up and take notes, because the Man Whisperer is about to give you some rule-screwing insight, answers, and real-talk advice that will change your dating and love life… NOW.

And please, if you like the podcast, please give it 5 STARS on iTunes and comment.

I just might give you a personal shoutout and read your comment on the show. 


Robert Mack is a published author, Relationship Expert on E!’s “Famously Single,’ and Happiness Coach, transforming the lives of everyone from A-list celebrities to CEO’s, stay at home moms to mid-level employees, helping them to be happier from the inside out. Robert’s powerfully calm and calming attitude, energy, and tone infuses his clients with confidence, knowing, and ease. He makes you feel seen, heard, understood, and not alone, while simultaneously being the support and strength that you need to push a little harder, a little farther, a littler deeper, and a little more. He is the magical combination of being a man’s man and simultaneously understands and can speak directly to the woman’s heart and mind.

Man Whisperer Episode Descriptions

Here are just a few of the Man Whisperer episode descriptions. You can expect episodes on how to get over a heartbreak, what it's like to date on TV (we have a reality star from "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise"), Online and App Dating do's and don'ts, using your Intuition to Date Better and Smarter, and strategies to stop being so UnHappy in dating and life. 


Here's what's already in the lineup waiting for you:

EP 1. No Chemistry on a 1st Date?

It’s DEFINITELY NOT Love at first Sight. There is “some”thing missing, but you don’t know what “it” is. So what do you do if you are lacking that hit of chemistry on a first date? Laurel and Rob will tell you…   


EP 2. Screw THIS Dating Advice that’s Keeping You Single! 

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t do in your quest for love, relationships, and companionship. And you feel like you’ve been following all of it! So why the hell are you still single?! Laurel and Rob let you in on a little secret that will change the way you date, plus give their two cents on which rules must be screwed if you want to find something true.  


EP 3. Dating Fears with guest Tripp Kramer of Tripp Advice 

Here’s how to Get Over your pickup and dating fear, shame and insecurity. Tripp Kramer, host of the podcast “How to Talk to Girls” joins Laurel and Rob to come up with actionable tips that will transform your dating confidence. We get real about the secret crippling shame that so many daters suffer from, PLUS we tell you EXACTLY what to say to make a connection, start a conversation, and make a positive impression that makes others want more… 


EP 5. Who are you? Are you confident in what you bring to the table?

You have this long list of relationship partner needs and wants based on past relationships, expectations, fantasies, and what you think your ideal partner “looks” like. But what about you? What do you bring to the table? How do you present yourself? Do you like the way that you are perceived and received? Are there areas that you can and truly want to change or improve? Laurel and Rob will break it...

EP 6. Should You “Train” Your Partner? with guest Ashley Johnson

Your Morning After podcast host Ashley Johnson joins Laurel and Rob to discuss and debate the idea of “Training” your partner, or, as Laurel calls it, “Managing” your partner. Because successful relationships are about understanding how to handle each other’s personalities, moods, feelings, styles, priorities, opinions, needs, wants, and lives. This is not about controlling or being controlled, it’s about effective communication that fosters, deepens, and expands your relationship. 

EP 7. Unhappy? Stop LOOKING for someone who makes you happy. Start BEING the person who makes you happy.

YOUR happiness is your responsibility. THEIR happiness is their responsibility. It’s also not "their" fault if you’re miserable. It’s not your fault if they are miserable. We are each individually in control of our own feelings- good, bad, failure, joyful, fulfilled, excited, dull, sparked, etc. And while you can’t control them, you CAN control yourself and the situation that you allow yourself to be in. You can also control how you respond to them. If you’re not happy, it’s time to make a shift. Laurel and Rob can help…

EP 9. RE-Defining Alpha vs Beta. “Good” Guy vs “Bad” Boy. IQ vs EQ. “Emotional” vs Emotional Intelligence.

Screw your idea of that “Alpha Asshole!” That “alpha” is actually hiding weakness. Rob and I explain what is Truly the strong, in control, and sexy definition of an alpha man and woman. What’s the difference between IQ and EQ? And why are emotional outbursts irrational, while critical thinkers are actually often the emotionally intelligent ones? We are breaking down and breaking the “typical” and WRONG definitions and beliefs, AND we are teaching you how to be confident in who you are and how you date. THIS is powerful!

EP 10. Intuition in Dating & Relationships: Using it, Ignoring it, Confusing it… 

A “Collective Intelligence,” intuition combines past experience, present situation and realities, future dreams, plus feelings to create synthesized insight and information. So how do you know when it’s your intuition speaking or it’s really a feeling of fear, insecurity, anger, hopes, or judgment? Rob and Laurel break down how you can use Logic to have Clarity around your Intuition in every Dating, Love, Relationship, Breakup, and Life situation from pre-first date to post-break and moving on… 


EP 12.  Are you Happy, “Surviving,” or Failing in Love and Life? Here’s Why…

Do you barely notice and even ignore the Positives and good things in your life-whether it’s a little win, big win, or just a good and productive day? Yet you ruminate, obsess, fixate, freak out, punish (yourself or others), and can’t stop thinking about the Negatives in your life- the little, the big, the frustrations, and the screw-ups? Rob and Laurel break down why you do that, how it affects your personal life, professional life, relationships, and dating life, and what you can do to STOP that negativity loop and start being more positive TODAY. Stop just surviving. It’s your turn to thrive. Or at least to feel “good.”

EP 13. When you NEED to Breakup… and How to Prepare to End it

“I will miss your smile, but I miss mine more…” What are the signs that it’s time to end it? How do you end it? How can you make it less harsh or painful? How can you be more sure (regardless of how sad it can be) about your decision? Being in a bad relationship, or even just a not great relationship, can lead to depression, insecurities, unhealthy behaviors and thoughts, and a temporary loss of self. Rob and Laurel help you figure out when and how to end it, while minimizing the pain and questioning that can come with the end of a relationship. It’s time for you to have some clarity, which will allow you to have closure.


EP 14. Alpha Women… Dating one, Being one, and Getting Along w/ Awaken the Rebel’s Shereen Thor

You don’t need to be a bi**h to be an Alpha Woman. So what defines them (us)? Are guys really “intimidated” by strong women or just not interested in putting up with their sh*t? What makes alpha women tick? What makes alpha women weak in the knees? Beyond Alphas, what are Beta women? And how can we get along, make love, and live together in exciting, calm, fierce, playful, sweet, enduring, passionate harmony? Awaken the Rebel’s founder Shereen Thor joins Laurel and Rob to discuss… This is a good one!

EP 15. Are you Sticky? Make Them Want More

Would you describe yourself as someone who is magnetic, interesting, emotionally stirring, inspiring, certain, addictive, memorable, and you make others want more? Are confidently and unapologetically vulnerable, perfectly imperfect, and REAL? Because that makes you Attractive, Attracting, and Love-able. And THAT’S what makes you STICKY. 

Someone who is Sticky doesn’t want to be “completed,” because you are already whole. You put effort into yourself- both for you and them. Others wake up thinking about you, you pop into their mind throughout the day, and they like hearing your voice or seeing your name light up in text before heading to bed. You are boyfriend/girlfriend material, and more than that- marriage material. You are unapologetically you- completely. You have nothing to prove, because you know that you already have it and are it. If that doesn’t describe you, then LISTEN up! Rob and Laurel dig into how you can up your Stickiness, be Magnetic, Memorable, and Make Them Want More!

EP 16. Is Love Enough?

Even BEFORE going from just dating to a love-filled relationship, it’s essential to be aware of the absolute relationship destroyers that, if ignored, can poison your relationship, cause incessant fights, and even be the root of the ultimate end. 

Love isn’t enough to make your relationship last if… you are with someone who doesn’t respect, support, honor, or share your Core Values. More than respect or sharing what your core values are, how you express your core values can make all of the difference. Rob and Laurel discuss and dig into this and 4 more absolute relationship destroyers including: difference in communication styles, when your feelings are taken as criticism, misaligned timing expectations, and if you are deeply unhappy. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is an episode that you definitely don’t want to ignore. 

EP 18. How to Meet People in Real Life, and why it’s SO HARD! With Wingman Thomas Edwards

What’s the best way to meet someone with real enduring relationship potential? Nope, it’s not online, apps, or matchmakers. It’s in real life! So why are you struggling with it? Professional Wingman Thomas Edwards joins Rob and Laurel to breakdown and give real, immediately useful advice on how to get over your fears and insecurities of starting a conversation and connecting, and turning small talk into a conversation that ups your magnetism, makes you more interesting and desirable, and makes others want more.




EP 19. Date Night Advice: Where to go instead of drinks, coffee, or dinner.

An ideal first date includes 3 essential musts: Conversation, Connection, and Contact.

Instead of your average drinks or dinner date, here’s the list of interesting places to go for date night. Because dating doesn’t have to be boring, redundant, or feel like a chore. In fact, it SHOULD’NT be! You want to stand out, make an imprint, and be memorable. While great conversation at drinks or dinner can definitely do that, you increase your chance of making a lasting impression if you allow your date location to contribute to the impact that you make. Redundancy isn’t sexy. Individuals crave excitement and change. But when you are in a committed, monogamous, long-term relationship, you’re limited to one… one person. So you have to conjure change by getting creative when it comes to activities. Alternative dates are a great way to keep things exciting, spice things up, and satisfy your need for change. Rob and Laurel break it down. TAKE NOTES then TAKE ACTION!


EP 20. Getting Back with an Ex? 10 Mistakes I Made that You Shouldn’t

Damage from a breakup doesn’t just disappear because you decided to reappear. When getting back with an ex, you MUST first fix the distrust you caused by leaving. Distrust, Hurt, Fear, Egg Shells, Insecurities, Doubt… Breakups do a huge amount of damage. If you want to get back with an ex, you need to address and find a remedy for the reason you broke up in the first place, address and heal from the damage you did during the breakup (name calling, anger, aggression, low blows, intentional hurt), and start a new relationship that allows you to move forward with new healthier habits and understanding of who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple now. Laurel reveals some deep, dark hurt and mistakes from a past painful yo-yo breakup/get back/breakup… and Laurel and Rob dig into her mistakes made and what YOU can do better.


EP 22. Sick of being single? Suck at pick-up? …with Connell Barrett

Listen up to my MAN WHISPERER podcast IF you're looking for a relationship (as opposed to just a one-night romp). It's time to open both your and their heart... starting at "hello." 

When the heart and mind opens, you’ve got them. Guest Connell Barrett first studied with Pickup Artists and decided to up his “game” through strategies that go deeper and get real. Together, with Laurel and Rob, we talk about what exactly to do to take your “pickup” to the next level, one that makes more than a showy impact, but also creates a lasting imprint.

EP 23. Here’s Why You’re Still Single…

“Hello, I’m single because”… I have too much baggage, I’m too fat/ugly/poor, I’m not good enough, I don’t have any experience... 

The real why you’re still single is because your excuses are the energies that you are putting out. 

You are on Autopilot, with your subconscious, maybe even unconscious internal directive making you “win” and “succeed” at proving your excuses to be true. You, you are WINNING! At being Single. 

You are living the life that you’re willing to put up with. Whether you like it or not, you’re dealing with it, making excuses for it, relinquishing your power to it. If you honestly weren’t ok with it, you wouldn’t have made the choices that perpetuated and kept you on this path.

Even if Much of your life is circumstantial and even out of your control, there is always something you can do to make change. 

So let’s change that. Laurel and Rob are going up against your “but’s” and excuses, helping to rewire your mind to change your attitude and therefore your life! It’s time to be unwilling to simply exist. Be unwilling to be alone. Be unwilling to live in an unhealthy body. Be unwilling to be constantly broke and money stressed. Be unwilling to be stuck in an unhappy relationship. 

Then do what it takes to make a change. Today. Now. 



EP 24. App and Online Dating? Instantly Improve your Success with insider Bela Gandhi

How do you stand out online, without coming across as crazy, feeling inauthentic, or spending ALL of your time obsessing? What are the basic rules of online and app engagement? What EXACTLY should your first message say? What if they don’t respond? What should shy guys and girls do? Who SHOULDN’T online date? Online expert Bela Gandhi joins Laurel and Rob to reveal the best most successful way to online and app date. 


EP 25. Dating and Texting: Send THIS Text to Start, Confirm, Expand, Cancel, and End it with someone you’re Dating!

Don’t say THAT. Say THIS. Exactly. I am your Cyrano, giving you the words to text before and after a date, as well as how to end it. With the right words, you can avoid hurting feelings, leading them on, coming across the wrong way, or feeling insecure. Once you know the words to use, you will have confidence in texting them, even if what you are saying is hard. This is what I do… for SO many of my clients. 

Because here’s the problem with dating and texting: it can end a relationship. Even before it ever began! The whole texting situation- what to say, how much to say, when to say it, and how to say it is very complicated. Laurel and Rob break down exactly “what” to say and “why”- the “why” is essential so that you understand the reasons behind the “what,” so that you can then learn how to do it on your own. 

EP 27. How to Flirt

Only 36% of Men and 18% of Women know when they’re being flirted with! That’s a lot of undetected, ignored, and confused pick ups! So what’s going on? Are you too afraid to acknowledge when you are being flirted with, for fear of being fooled or embarrassed, or is everyone terrible at flirting?! This episode will help. Laurel and Rob break down exactly what to do and say to be a better flirt (and flirt detector). Because flirting is a strategy, but it feels like a spell. There is an art to the flirt, a dance, a rhythm. When it comes to flirting, it’s all about, what I call the “Man Whisperer pull.” Flirting is a juggling act, one that combines the eyes, body, lips, voice, hands, and words. Flirting well takes practice, but more than anything it takes confidence. It’s not about trying to say the “right” things. It’s about being unapologetically you- completely. You have nothing to prove, because you know that you already have it and are it. You are Magnetic, Memorable, and you Make Them Want More! 


EP 28. Getting Over “The One” who Healed, Changed, or “Made” you… YOU

They were your “One.” Or at least… that’s how you feel. But HONESTLY, despite the relationship not being as healthy, fulfilling, or good as you like to fantasize and romanticize that it was, you can’t stop thinking about them. You obsess, fixate, and compare everyone else to them. You want them back. You might even crave them. But, when you look at the reality of the relationship, more than (and more likely than) them being your “one,” they actually healed you, changed you, taught you, mentored you, unleashed you, made you… feel. Maybe they were your first amazing sexual encounter, maybe they taught you how to love or how to love yourself, maybe they inspired you, maybe they made you feel powerful or peaceful, maybe they helped to shape you, or maybe they are “the one who got away,” your biggest regret, or your greatest catch. 

Are you actually in love with them? Were they truly your “one?” Is it them that you so treasure? Or is it the gift that they gave you- the gift that changed, expanded, or liberated you. Laurel and Rob will help you to figure that out, and maybe even get over your obsession because you come to terms with the truth. 




EP 29. What’s the Right Type for you? Date ALL of These Types BEFORE you Get Married 

The notion of marrying your first love is romantic. But with easy access and constant opportunity, it’s hard not to wonder “what if...” or “did I pick the right type…?” Which is why you should date different types and have different experiences before committing your life to the one who you think  might be your right type till death. In dating others first, you’ll get clarity on what you truly need, want, and can’t stand. Rob and Laurel go over several types, digging into the good and bad of each. It’s then your job to determine which is best for you based on what kind of balance you need in your life. AND if you recognize yourself as one of types, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t marriage material, but maybe you might realize that there are areas that you might want to work on, strengthen, play up or down. Or, maybe you are exactly perfect the way you are and if someone doesn’t like you or feel right with you, that’s ok. Someone else will…


EP 30. Conversations to Bring you Closer that you MUST Have Before You Get Married!

The most common reasons for divorce are: Money, Sex, and Expectation. So you must address them BEFORE you get married. This could be a way to avoid divorce, since you talked through the major issues first, giving yourself the pre-commitment opportunity to come to a calm understanding without the pressure of forever. OR you might avoid divorce because you realize that the issues are relationship enders, so you don’t get married in the first place. As much as that notion sounds awful right now, if you end up in the situation when you are locked in and THEN struggling with these differences and looking down the path of divorce, you will wish you had addressed them earlier. So, Rob and Laurel go into the topics and conversation starters that you must have ASAP!


EP. 31 Make Everyone Fall in Love with You

Do you struggle to make people fall in love with you, or, at least, make them want more? How the hell does THE BACHELOR get all of those women want to marry him… Every Single One? Easy. It’s a strategy. Laurel and Rob break down the strategy, plus give you tips as to how you too can make more people want more of YOU. A few hints? Vulnerability, Competition, Scarcity, Purpose, Environment, Experiences, and Spontaneity. 

EP. 32 What ESSENTIAL Lessons I Learned from Divorce and Breakups with Rebecca Whitman

Breakups, Divorce, and “Failed” relationships hurt, can deplete your self esteem, make you feel like you are tainted or have too much baggage, leave you jaded and angry, and can screw up your finances… AND they can also be the best teachers, life leaping propellers, inspiration, transformation-instigating, mid-course correcting, reassessing, brutally honest reality checking LESSONS… IF you extract the benefits from the breakup. Along with expert Rebecca Whitman, Laurel and Rob will help you to turn breakups and divorce into shorter term hurt, by helping you to use it to your long-term life benefit by turning your perceived failure into true transformation.


EP. 33 The Strategy to Make them (and yourself) Feel and Even “Fall” in Love (even if there is no chemistry)

You have to be Confidently Vulnerable. Here’s the thing though, Vulnerability doesn’t have to mean childhood trauma or negativity.

Vulnerability can be about the moments, pain points, revelations, midcourse corrections, inspirations, illuminations, points of references, markers, meaning, and feelings. That’s how you create an emotional connection.

Even if you don’t have initial chemistry, you can create connecting attraction.


Curiosity can turn into connection. And connection creates attraction. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a romantic connection, but you will likely create an emotional connection. And an emotional connection makes them feel. And that might be your in…

If you want to make them feel for you, you have to first make them feel.

If you want to make yourself feel for them, you have to first make yourself feel.

But First, the Best way to make them feel for you, is for you to first feel, which creates a safe environment for them to feel, then you will feel for them, and then they will feel for you.

So how do you make them and you feel? It’s a strategy of storytelling- exactly what stories to tell and how to tell them.

More than Your stories, you want them to share Their stories too.

Rob and Laurel go into the strategy, and, of course, Laurel gives personal story examples so that you can see exactly how to do it yourself.


EP. 34 Your 1st Date Blueprint and What a Great 1st Date Feels Like

Once you know what to do and say, you feel less insecure about doing and saying it. Because all you have to do is follow the formula. This episode will tell you EXACTLY what to say and do, how to present yourself online and in-person, when to get offline and where to go from there… Laurel and Rob present the strategy to never have a bad first date again and improve your 2nd date success rate.


EP 35. Sex. Old Fears, Guilt, Shame, and Insecurity, and How to Explore More in the Bedroom… with Dr. Mondin

Sex doesn’t always feel good- in our minds. It can trigger feelings of insecurity, fear, shame, anger, and guilt. So where are those feelings coming from and how can we heal from them and make sex pure, fun, connecting, and healthy again? Rob and Laurel explore sex and shame with Dr. Mondin, author or Erotic Love and Marriage.  


EP 36. How YOU are Destroying Your Relationships! What you might be doing wrong… over and over again. 

You found someone really great and you think/hope that this one has REAL potential… and then it ends. Again! Not sure why your relationships keep ending, sometimes even before they really get a chance to begin? You might, unknowingly, be turning them off, shutting them down, scaring them away, and putting out the wrong signals.

You don’t have to be in a relationship in order to relate to these relationship mistakes that make good men and women run away. Even if you’re single, be aware of these relationship-destroying habits. They might help you reflect on past relationship screw-ups, helping you to better understand why it ended. They can also (hopefully) help you to not make these mistakes when starting your next relationship.


EP 37. Pickup lines that work

How do you make a first impression that leads to a conversation, that initiates a connection, that might expand into a relationship? What exactly do you say to break the ice and engage someone in real life? And if practice makes perfect, how do you practice without looking and feeling awkward, therefore possibly ruining your chance of a connection with someone who could have been really great? Laurel and Rob break it all down for you with not only the strategy, but also the EXACT WORDS TO SAY to successfully pick up, flirt, and possibly find your next date from a real life connection.


MONDAY- Your Daily Quickie 1: What Can I Do To Make You Want Me?

TUESDAY- Your Daily Quickie 2: JOMO- Joy Of Missing Out

WEDNESDAY- Your Daily Quickie 3: Your Reaction Reveals Your Worth…

FRIDAY- Your Daily Quickie 4: You Are Worthy.


MONDAY- Your Daily Quickie 5: I Hope you NEVER Understand

TUESDAY- Your Daily Quickie 6: What Men Want

WEDNESDAY- Your Daily Quickie 7: What Women Want

FRIDAY- Your Daily Quickie 8: Do Nothing Really Well




EP 39 You’re Only Ready to Be in a Relationship, When You’re Comfortable Being Alone

If you really love you, then you will be more careful about who you choose to give your time to. Which is why you need to focus on- loving you- while you are alone. You can even be alone in a healthy way WITHIN a relationship by taking moments for alone time.

…But there is a tipping point. You don’t want to get so comfortable being alone that you no longer want to be with someone else, OR you become angry, insecure, and reclusive because you are STILL alone and you start to then feel LONELY. There is a strategy to being ALONE and NOT LONELY. Laurel and Rob explain both the benefits of being alone, and how to be alone and not lonely.



Here's what people are saying about Man Whisperer Podcast:

"I found Laurel on YouTube which led me to this podcast with Rob Mack and now I have started working with her one on one. She has this energy and excitement about her that makes you immediately feel comfortable talking to her and she really is THE Man Whisperer. Her Knowledge and advice is spot on. I'm excited to listen to all her and Rob's podcasts. They are both Absolutely incredible!" -Stephen 

"Laurel has a tremendous depth of knowledge when it comes to being successful in dating. I can't help but love her enthusiasm for what she does. Take her advice, along with Rob's, and become a graduate of Man Whisperer's University, and you will no longer be single in 2019 either!" -NoLongerSingleIn2019

"This podcast is seriously changing my life and I already see so many positive changes coming from listening to this podcast. My only complaint is that there aren't enough episodes! Love this.


"Happy-ness. Robert taught me this crucial concept as a key to my turning point. He's my jam! I really love your dynamic and the ideas that you both bounce off each other! What a great podcast that is deep in content and allows people to connect in true life experience. I love the honesty!"

-abbey e hill

"Laurel's laugh is infectious. Her advice evinces the essence of no bull truth telling. Her smile shines brighter than a star. Listening to her on this show, and in her prolific videos and of course her book, has made me a better man. Robert has a quality that any man should strive for: being a positive light who genuinely contributes to construction dialogues. These two are an incredibly dynamic duo, and I can't wait to watch the show grow and develop as I follow suit." -Sixtysecondjesus


"Laurel is Excellent. She gives real real real advice!! I would highly recommend this for both people trying to get into a relationship or someone currently in one... She is energetic and I felt drawn to her Words. -Dave" -xtraolives

"THIS IS THE REAL S**T. From the very first episode I was hooked. Laurel is confident and encourages those playing the field to be themselves, which as we all know is easier said than done. I so hope this show keeps on going." - Zuptup

"Love this new podcast Man Whisperer! Laurel House's passion, expertise and candid interviews are very fun, refreshing, while actually helpful & insightful! Guests are comfortable sharing while feeling safe to do so on Man Whisperer!" -thesensualchef

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