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Ready for a career change?

Want to expand your financial capacity

(as much as 6 figures in the first year and potentially 7 figures within 7 years)?


Interested in being a Dating,

Empowerment, Happiness, Relationship, or Lifestyle Coach?


Your life experience (plus this personalized, individualized coaching program) is all you need to achieve success in this lucrative, fulfilling, and work-from-home career!


I will teach you how in my Love Actually Academy.


I have been a successful celebrity dating and empowerment coach for over 10 years, including over 500 media mentions like Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, Today Show, and being the dating expert on KTLA morning news. I can teach you how to coach, manage clients, build your business, develop your brand, have confidence as an entrepreneur, market and PR yourself, and launch your company.


I will let you in on all of the secrets, strategies, and personal successes and failures that helped me build my business, get on TV, build a social media following, and coach one-on-one over 400 people, and online over 50 million people!

As a graduate of Love Actually Academy Coaching Coaches, you will be READY to Launch your OWN Coaching Business with CONFIDENCE!

It's your turn.

Are You Ready?     Want more information? 


Once your payment goes through, Laurel will personally email you within 24 hours to set up your sessions. 


Become a Dating, Empowerment, and Relationship Coach

Love Actually Academy: Coaching Coaches

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What You Get:

-3 totally personalized one-hour one-on-one phone sessions with Laurel, addressing your specific coaching goals and needs.

-Access to Laurel's 7 video hours of Love Actually Academy Dating, Confidence, Communication, Relationship, Breakup Coaching Strategies.

-Access to Laurel's 192 page strategies workbook. 

-Brainstorming and Development of 

your Personal Brand.

-Media, Marketing, and PR workshop so that you can promote, sell, and get yourself in magazines and on TV.

Total Price: $1950

Also Available:

-Media Training so that you can get comfortable in front of the camera

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