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These conversation starters and questions will become your 1st date, 5th date, pre-engagement, and bored marriage ABSOLUTE musts! Print them up. Save them in your phone. Use them. 

It’s time to connect through conversation! There are no rules to using these questions. You can each answer each. You can pick which you individually want to answer. You can use them as conversation starters, building on the question and letting it be the base for any other layers or side topics than come to mind.

The key is to LEAN IN. Answer the questions unapologetically, confidently vulnerably, and without fear of judgment. And have fun! Look at the questions as opportunities to explore- yourself and others. These questions can help you to get clear on who you are, what you need, what you dream, and how you connect with others.

The ESSENTIAL 100 Conversations to Connect, Expand, Deepen your Relationship

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