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by Laurel House

Date with Purpose.      Get What you WANT


It’s time for a truth bomb: What you’re doing isn’t working. No shame. It’s not your fault. You’ve been taught to focus on the wrong thing.

Most dating programs put the spotlight on the person you’re dating. We’re not playing that game here.

Laurel will teach you how to get super real with yourself. You’ll learn exactly which self-inquiry questions you need to explore. You’ll learn how they’re relevant to attracting and keeping a partner that deserves you. You’ll learn about the three purposes of dating — and you’ll learn which one you actually want. You’ll learn how to pinpoint (and stop!) the behaviors that are keeping you single and confused. You’ll learn how to maintain a healthy relationship once you find your match. And you can do it all in your fave sweatpants, on your laptop. (Priorities, people!)

What is a "Man Whisperer"

A Man Whisperer is someone who knows how to Be in Control without Be’ing an Asshole or a Bitch, with the purpose of Pulling Men and Women In, making them Listen and Understand, and simultaneously making them Feel and actually BE Heard and Understood.

More than Confident, we are Certain, creating an environment of Trust, Respect, and Vulnerability.

This is NOT about Manipulating, Playing, or Gaming.

This is about being Authentic, Real, Honest, and getting what you, and every YOU out there, Truly Wants and Needs.

Man Whisperers are Synthesizers.

Translating and smoothing two perspectives and languages- the male and female, in order to avoid miscommunication and create clarity, confidence, and attraction.

Meet Laurel

I’m Laurel House and I’m known as a rule “screwer” when it comes to dating. Because I realized that the dating rules of yester-decades were leading to miscommunication, frustration, confusion, superficial short-lived relationships, too many wasted and failed first dates, and even manipulation. Especially when it comes to online and app dating. That’s why I examined and decided to screw the rules, and instead I teach and enforce authenticity, clarity, and communication-  which creates confidence. Because dating isn’t about games or confusion. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Dating is about clarity and confidence. Confidence about who you are, what you bring to the table, what you need, and what you expect to get.


I have been called a Man Whisperer, Jedi Master, and Cyrano. But More than anything else, I demystify dating so that you can confidently date with integrity and purpose.

I am also called mom by my 3 children. 


I am a 5x published author including my most recent book- “Screwing the Rules; the No-Games Guide to Love.”

I was a dating coach, coaching celebrities on how to date better and find love on Famously Single on E!

I have been the dating coach on KTLA Morning News- the top rated morning news show in Los Angeles, and I have been a featured expert on Nightline, Today Show, and Good Morning America, as well as in The Washington Post, The New York Post, Glamour, Readers Digest, Brides, AskMen, Men’s Journal, Self, Vogue, and USA Today.


My one-on-one clients range from 23-74 years old. I have helped clients get out from under and over breakups, learn how to date online, find love, get married, have children, become self aware and empowered, improve their presentation, lose 100 pounds, find their voice and confidence, leave unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships and businesses, refine and redefine themselves, get clear on their core values and value, and be confidently vulnerable.

My rule-screwing strategy works at every age, no matter what you look like, your background, or your past. It’s about being present right now.

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